things “body positivity” movements should address besides weight/fat:

  • (dis)ability
  • features associated with non-whiteness
  • hair type
  • lots of body hair / no body hair / little body hair / hair in all places / losing hair
  • acne 
  • skin conditions
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • skin discolorations
  • different ways that skin tans
  • tanlines
  • etc

so when white feminists show me pictures of fat able-bodied white women with super smooth skin and no discolorations/skin marks and no body hair and say “love your body!!1!” it’s like nope. 

I may be fat but I’m also so many other things that are looked down upon and policed. If your body positivity doesn’t seek to dismantle white supremacy/ableism/cissexism/etc, what good is your body positivity? who is it helping?

posted 1 week ago on Apr 10
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i hate being allergic to pollen, the last few weeks have been so terrible :(( i can’t go outside for longer than 15 minutes without being bedridden the next day since it’s also making my asthma worse :/ im gonna be dead by the time mugwort and birch start releasing pollen

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